Generic Scripts


Multi-object UVW Modifier

A script to apply a uvw modifier to every object in the selection. By default, if you want to apply a similar mapping to multiple objects, you have to do each one individually. If you have multiple objects selected, and apply the uvw modifier, it simplystretches the modifier and settings over every object in your selection, which is not always what is wanted. This script goes through every object in the selection, and applies a separate uvw modifier to each object. It was initially written for mapping large pieces of terrain, where i wanted to apply a separate Planar map to each chunk of land, instead of all the chunks as a whole.



GTA MaxScripts


San Andreas 2dfx Export MaxScript

A script to create lighting and particle effects (aka "2dfx") within a 3dsMax scene, that can be used within Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Full instructions are included in the .rar file.



Compressed files (*.rar) will need to be opened with file compression software such as WinRar

For MaxScript Files (*.ms) choose "Save target / page As.."