Vice City Graphics Hack 1.0

This is a combination of the 2 below mods (specular lighting and real reflection) cleaned up and packaged together as one,

working mod. The older versions are still online for legacy purposes only, and should not be used. The mod is called a "

hack", due to the way the mod was developed (exe reverse engineering, since there is no SDK).


Download: vc_gfx.rar topic:

Screenshots, Spec:

Spec is cast correctly, taking into account light position, direction, color and attenuation.


ScreenShots, real reflections:

This vehicle is the Escalade I modeled.

Other Comments:

There seems to be an issue with Ati cards not generating the reflection image correctly. There is no solution at this time.



"Real Reflection" Mod

Dumps a picture of the screen contents (without the HUD), into the reflection slot of every reflective material (mainly vehicles).

Currently a beta, but it does work. Only tested on american 1.0 exe's.





Real reflection mod, with reflections set to maximum.

Thanks to ModelingMan for help with this mod


Specular Lighting Mod

Enables specular lighting on every light, and on every material rendered by the game. Only noticeable on objects that have

normals (which are required to reflect light).




Left, no spec. Right, mod is active, spec is cast.

Thanks to AK-73 for help with this mod


Vice City Function List

List of function labels and offsets, current as of March 7, 2007

Note:Due to an issue with IDA, many of the functions labeled D3D9* are incorrectly labeled. Vice City is a D3D8 game.


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